About Us

Mangalore Infotech Solutions Private Limited started operations in mid 2011 with a small group of highly motivated and experienced young engineers who wanted to prove that products of extremely high quality can be delivered by focusing on limited clients and specific products.

This is now proven with the entire team focusing on UniCourt which is very quickly gaining momentum in the Legal Tech space in the U.S.

  • Who are we?Open or Close

    We are a team of highly motivated engineers with love for technology

  • What we do?Open or Close

    We join hands with visionaries and domain experts who feel that they can fill a specific missing gap in the market by launching a product to acquire customers.

  • Our MissionOpen or Close

    To innovate in product design and usability by understanding our customers needs and ensuring that the features delivered exceed expectations

    To work with domain experts in building products of high quality by following software development lifecycle methodologies and building smart teams.