Title Computer Scientist (8+ years experience)
Job Information


  • With UniCourt you will be working in the Legal Technology space revealing insights for Law Firms and Businesses from our massive archives of ever aggregating and growing public court records
  • Your role will be to build a Image Classification Engine to accurately extract text information from them
  • Machine Learning algorithms will need to be built to correctly classify the documents, clean up the images, correct for skews and OCR them to extract the necessary information
  • Scalability will be key as we process over 100,000+ documents a day


  • Masters/Ph.D in Computer Science with emphasis in Image Processing/Computer Vision
  • Strong background in Math and Stats
  • 8+ years of experience in image processing, OCR techniques
  • Experience in Python, SQL is a must
  • Tools: Tessaract OCR, OpenCV, TensorFlow
  • Adopter of open source technologies and frameworks
  • Strong Problem solving ability
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