Title Senior II Software Engineer (DevOps Engineer)
Location Mangalore
Job Information


  • You will be part of a team which will be maintaining over 200+ production servers on the AWS cloud
  • You will be figuring out ways to scale, manage and deploy applications and new releases on to staging and production servers
  • You will be building better ways to automate deployments with Docker and configure machines using SaltStack
  • You will be fine tuning web servers and databases
  • You will be firefighting production issues


  • B.E., M.S. in Computer Science
  • 6 – 8 years of experience working on Linux enviorments, Shell Scripting & Python
  • Should have good experience writing Object Oriented code especially in Python
  • Should have good experience with databases MongoDB, MySQL
  • Should have a good understanding about the web protocols & build applications for REST interfaces using Flask or other light weight frameworks
  • Should have excellent debugging skills to find our process crashes and kernel logs, dmesg, syslogs, etc ..
  • Experience with AWS – EC2, IAM, S3, VPC, etc is a PLUS
  • Experience with Docker is a PLUS
  • Experience setting up and managing Logstash, Zabbix, NewRelic, Nagios, etc.. is a PLUS
  • Experience working with IT Automation tools like SaltStack or Ansible is a PLUS
  • Experience in setting up and fine tuning webservers like NGINX, APACHE is a PLUS

Who should Apply?

  • Are you an adopter of wide variety of open source technologies and tools?
  • Do you have excellent coding and scripting skills?
  • Do you have experience with systems and IT operations?
  • Are you comfortable with with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment?
  • You have a strong grasp of automation tools?
  • You have excellent data management skills?
  • If you are able to answer “YES” to 3 or more of the above questions then apply.
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