Title Technical Lead – CRM
Location Mangalore
Job Information


  • Understand requirements, technical scope, functionality, end usage and quality targets of the feature/project
  • Understand deliverables in the feature/project at the start and your responsibilities and ownership of the deliverables
  • Lead the creation of the solution architecture and get it verified with Manager/CTO as early as possible in the project
  • Lead software requirement development of the features you own, ahead of the implementation
  • Ensure the feature requirements are discussed, analyzed and understood by contributing team members
  • Understand the software development method, reusable components, applicable coding and architectural standards
  • Ensure that the software platform and libraries upgraded regularly and are up to date
  • Ensure effort estimates are detailed and appropriate
  • Lead in brainstorming, alternative analysis, documentation and review of detailed designs for the solution
  • Lead in brainstorming and review of test cases / plan with QA team
  • Ensure the code is unit tested, reviewed and passes static and dynamic memory analysis to fit the project quality goals
  • Ensure the code is system tested and conforms to the end usage requirements
  • Provide customer support, bug fixes as and when needed on priority
  • Ensure documentation and coding standards identified for the project/feature are followed and outputs meet delivery norms
  • Besides the project based training engage available time in self-learning overall systems, technology, best practices
  • Participate in organization level activities like interviews, open sessions, technical forums, training etc
  • Contribute to and assist in building a technical and best-practice knowledge database
  • Contribute to engineering process improvements such as documentation, design process, testing process and so on


  • B.E. or Masters in Computer Science
  • 5+ years of Software development experience
  • Should have good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Having a background developing CRM systems is a plus
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